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OTL Sale

OTL Sale, specializing in olive harvesting equipment, needed a robust online platform to expand their market reach and enhance customer engagement. They also required a strong visual identity to establish their brand in a niche market and attract attention across various digital channels.


Our task was to build a comprehensive e-commerce website tailored to OTL Sale’s specific needs, allowing customers to effortlessly browse and purchase equipment. We also developed their entire branding from the ground up, including a new logo and the creation of engaging social media content. To further increase their visibility, we implemented targeted social media advertising campaigns designed to attract and retain their ideal customer base.


The e-commerce platform has significantly broadened OTL Sale's market reach, providing a user-friendly interface where customers can easily find and purchase olive harvesting equipment. The cohesive branding, including a distinctive logo and consistent social media presence, has strengthened their market identity and enhanced customer recognition. The targeted advertising campaigns have effectively increased traffic and conversions, contributing to a strong launch and sustained business growth. OTL Sale now enjoys a robust online presence and is well-positioned to continue expanding its reach in the agricultural equipment sector.

Efficiency in Every Pick – Where Tradition Meets Innovation

Efficiency in Every Pick – Where Tradition Meets Innovation

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