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Website, Branding & Content Creation

LBIML, a maritime logistics company, needed to enhance its global reach and accessibility to cater to a diverse international clientele. They sought a robust online presence that could effectively communicate their services across different language barriers and establish a cohesive brand identity.


To meet LBIML's needs, we embarked on creating a comprehensive, multilingual website. This included designing the website to support multiple languages, ensuring that clients from various regions could easily access and understand their services. Additionally, we developed and refined their logo to reflect their modern, global business approach. We also set up and optimized their social media accounts to increase their visibility and engagement across platforms.


The launch of the new multilingual website, alongside a refreshed logo and well-coordinated social media presence, greatly boosted LBIML's international visibility and brand consistency. The website has become a pivotal tool in communicating with clients worldwide, facilitating smoother interactions and service inquiries. This strategic enhancement of their digital assets has positioned LBIML to thrive in the competitive maritime logistics market, attracting a broader client base and fostering ongoing business growth.

Your Cargo, Our Commitment – Moving the World One Shipment at a Time.

Your Cargo, Our Commitment – Moving the World One Shipment at a Time.

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